5 de mai de 2009

Flood in Brazil causes damages

As many people may know - or not - we are living in a moment of complete caos here in Brazil. After the tragedies in south, now the northeast of our country is "under attack": the punisher is nature itself.

Rain made the main river or center-north increase its level in 15, all in less than 2 days. Now many cities are underwater.

Most people have no idea how serious it is. So they make jokes about it, once the "law" here is "carnival and soccer: laugh to your problems".

The government shows up time to time just to let us know they care about it. But how efficient this care is, we never new in the past 10 years of flood.

Yesterday, a reporter almost died after an little accident with the boat he was in. Just to tell you: it´s in the middle of a street! Hard to believe... we are now the little Atlantis of Brazil.

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